AUSTIN — Governor Abbott is butting heads with the federal government over the thousands of migrants waiting to enter the country in Del Rio.

Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Martinez said the number of migrants under the Del Rio International Bridge is now close to 13,000.

The majority of the migrants are Haitian and awaiting processing at the border, where the facilities are overwhelmed and far past capacity. 

“We are in a crisis here," said Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez, (D) Val Verde County. “There's a safety issue involved. There's a health issue involved. The situation is not getting any better.”

On Thursday, Abbott initially ordered the Texas National Guard and Department of Public Safety to close six ports of entry at the Texas-Mexico border.

He later backtracked, and blamed the Biden administration for flip-flopping its request for state help. 

On Friday, Abbott again attacked the administration’s handling of the situation. 

“One thing that we know for a fact, and that is there is nothing but uncertainty and indecision by the Biden Administration about exactly what they’re going to do," said Gov. Abbott. 

He said the federal government plans on relocating the migrants to Arizona, California and possibly Laredo, but state agencies’ presence at the site will continue. 

“We as state officials have an obligation to make sure that we use the National Guard, we use DPS, we use law enforcement at every level, to deescalate the tension around that bridge to make sure that we keep our community safe," said Abbott. 

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick went on Fox News Thursday night to address the issue, further stoking political flames. 

“The revolution has begun, a silent revolution by the Democrat Party and Joe Biden to take over this country," said Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, (R) Texas. "We need every state, every red state because the blue ones won't do it, to send and invoke Article four, section four, of the constitution, to tell the president that we are being invaded.”

On Friday, the Texas Democratic Party responded to Patrick’s comments, calling them racist, inflammatory and dangerous. 

“There's no invasion going on right now, we do have a crisis right now that we need to address in Val Verde County, it's a humanitarian crisis," said Sen. Roland Gutierrez, (D) Texas Senate District 19. "I’m calling on President Biden to bring more resources down to the border by way of lawyers, by way of prosecutors, by way administrative staff, by way of ICE and CBP staff so that we can circulate these folks better.”

For officials on the ground, the politics can wait. 

“Our federal partners are, you know, doing what they can with the resources they have. They are over there, are overwhelmed, [and] overworked. So, you know, we need to deal with the issue at hand, these other discussions can be had at a later date," said Martinez.