AUSTIN, Texas — Austin hip-hop artist, The Teeta, is setting out to put his neighborhood on the map with his upcoming project, “24.”

“I’m from North East Austin, Texas from 78724,” Teeta explained. “Where we’re from we go by our zip codes, so if you’re from 78724, you from 24.”

Teeta stayed busy during the pandemic, working on three different projects with different collaborators to give fans a steady flow of music for quarantine. With this new album, he said his goal is to give fans a look at the mindset of where he’s from, painting a picture of a “24” rapper.

“Turnt up, fly, confident, you know,” he said. “Discouraged at times, but resilient.”

He also works hard to put other rappers from that area and around Austin on the map. Teeta said he has a lot of experience helping other local rappers book shows and record their first projects. He said he made a name for himself by making connections and speaking out to help grow Austin’s hip-hop scene. For him, giving people a leg up in the game is what it’s all about.

“I never was going out to be famous or attention seeking,” he said. “I really wanted to help other artists and bring other artists up that didn’t have anybody to show them which way to go.”

He doesn’t just paint a picture through hip-hop, an art he’s developed for over 10 years. He can also tell his story visually, having just recently helped curate his first ever art gallery at Cloud Tree Studios in East Austin. Teeta had a hand in picking all of these visual representations of him as an artist and his upcoming album, some of which he even worked on himself.

He said he loved the idea of connecting art, one of his first passions, to his music.

“I’ve always had an affinity towards art, not just music, but visual arts and different mediums,” he said. “I wanted to just bridge the gap between hip-hop music and visual arts.” 

Teeta’s new album “24” is set to release this summer, with the lead single “Activated” available now on Spotify and Apple Music.