SAN ANTONIO — Every Sunday Carolina Teague can be found behind a microphone.

“What up, what up, what up welcome back to another episode of The Sports Dime, and I am your host Carolina Teague,” Teague says.

Teague is unapologetically Latina and full of sports takes.

“Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback as much as it pains me to push it through my teeth,” Teague says.

Teague hosts The Sports Dime, her Sunday morning radio show alongside Rudy Campos Jr.

“The dirty birds have been shot out of the air and the Atlanta Falcons are dead,” Campos says on the microphone.

Teague is a Southside Chicago native and loved the ‘90s Chicago Bulls growing up.

What make her show unique is not its fresh content or the duo’s chemistry — it’s that Teague is said to be is the first Latina in San Antonio to have her own sports radio show

Teague and Rudy Campos Jr. talking sports on their radio show The Sports Dime (Jose Arredondo/Spectrum News)
Teague and Rudy Campos Jr. talking sports on their radio show The Sports Dime (Jose Arredondo/Spectrum News)

“Like Robin Roberts said, ‘there’s less room for margin of error,’” Teague says. “We definitely are under a lot of pressure, under a huge microscope. I’m a firm believer that women have to work twice as hard to get half of what men have.”

For that reason alone, Teague felt that her Sports Dime brother Campos was gambling on her, but he disagrees.

“She really took a gamble on me because she’s got the radio experience, she’s got the exposure,” Campos says. “I was just a podcast guy trying to make a name for myself.”

Teague’s radio inspiration came from her grandmother, who had her own radio show in the Rio Grande Valley.

“Her radio show was in McCallen, she spoke all Spanish. She’s been able to interview Selena, everybody,” Carolina says. “So she’s had her success in that area.”

 Teague is experiencing her own success, in a field dominated by men. She’s scored interviews with Spurs guard Keldon Johnson and other high-profile sports figures and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down as she’s trying to lay down the foundation for the Latinas that come after her. The women she admired in sports didn’t look like her, so she wants to help shift the tide in San Antonio.

“What we can do is uplift voices in the Hispanic community, uplift voices in the Black community,” Teague says. “Uplift voices for women as well and we want to be the best of the best.”