Bryan Boes joined Spectrum News in July 2019. As a reporter, he is constantly inspired by the relationships formed with people when they trust you with their story.

The most meaningful story Boes ever reported was one he actually participated in. A local high school asked him to present a Make-A-Wish gift to a student whose dream was to meet Shaquille O’Neal. They decided make this wish come true with a fake assembly to surprise the young man. Boes proceeded to give the young man various Shaquille trinkets in case it never came true. After mini basketballs, a magazine, and pencils, he was not expecting game tickets, airline tickets, and a limo outside of the gymnasium as the last gift. About 7 years later he received a call from the boy who thanked him for what I’d done for him.

Boes is usually a plant-based eater, but will make exceptions for his favorite BBQ from Alamo BBQ Company.

Bryan and his wife officially became Texans when they stopped resisting and started saying “y’all”.