AUSTIN, Texas -- An Austin startup called RodaSurf brings a whole new twist on board sports with its first invention: an all-electric surfboard that you can ride on land.

The RodaSurf board is an accessory to the Onewheel XR electric skateboard. Snap and lock the Onewheel into RodaSurf's patent pending latching system then you're ready to ride.

How fast does it go? Onewheel reports a top speed of 19 mph.

Inventor and co-founder Patrick Fagerberg says RodaSurf is the first vehicle he's aware of to ever use an asymmetrical wheel placement.

The unique placement allows for a realistic ride that feels just like surfing on water.

"We wanted to give people the joy of surfing their neighborhoods with a street board that actually captures that unique feeling of riding waves," says Fagerberg.

RodaSurf riders place their feet in the exact same stance as used on a surfboard in water.

"Skateboards were invented by surfers to recreate that surfing feeling on land, and now we are coming full circle by making an actual surfboard for the land," according to RodaSurf's co-founder, Starr Long.

The company embraces a "surf anywhere" attitude that celebrates the maverick spirit of Austin. RodaSurf expects to expand the lifestyle brand to include other surfing devices, merchandise, content and video games.