NEW BRAUNFELS -- Their main office is in San Antonio, their virtual outpost is inside an H-E-B in New Braunfels, but you really don't have to be at either location to get a feeling for the houses that Braustin Mobile Homes is offering.

  • Mobile home company offers new-age experience
  • Uses augmented and virtual reality to show homes
  • Homes are often sold without buyer seeing them in person

Alberto Pina is the co-founder of a company that's on the cutting edge when it comes to selling homes. 

​"In the real estate industry, not just manufactured housing, this is a first-of-its-kind," said Pina.

The company is using augmented and virtual reality to take house hunting to a new level, and they seem to be bringing the experience to the right city, at the right time.

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"We've seen the problems that have happened in other places where affordable housing has gotten so out of control that it's really forcing people to leave. We really want to make sure that we do our part as a business to make sure that we don't lose that in the community,” said Pina. 

The virtual experience is something that you really have to experience for yourself. Hanging pictures that turn into floor plans and testimonials, video conferencing, and phone apps to help with lending, and a set of virtual reality goggles that gives you a true feel for a home beyond anything pictures can show.

From Colorado to West Texas, and in San Antonio, homes are being sold without the buyer seeing them in person. With the population in the area predicted to continue growing, this affordable option is just what those in need of affordable housing could be counting on. 

"The median home in San Antonio is hovering between 280 to 290 which if you're a teacher, a first responder, a mechanic, that's not really an affordable house," said Pina.  "For us it's critical that we offer a housing solution to those folks because that's really the core of our city."