ORLANDO, Fla. — Revenge of the Mummy is back—sort of.

What You Need To Know

  • Revenge of the Mummy opened for technical rehearsals on Tuesday

  • This marked the first time visitors have been able to ride in months

  • The attraction has been closed since January for a lengthy refurbishment

The popular indoor roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida reopened Tuesday for technical rehearsals, giving visitors a chance to ride for the first time in several months.

Universal closed the attraction back in January for a lengthy refurbishment that was scheduled to last through “late summer.” Once summer arrived, many began to wonder when Revenge of the Mummy would reopen. Last month, construction walls around the attraction were removed and Universal team members (employees) were given previews—building even more anticipation for the ride’s return.

Universal has not officially said what was done to the attraction during its lengthy refurbishment. And while no major changes were made, the ride did receive several updates. Rows of shade umbrellas have been installed in the courtyard area leading to the attraction’s entrance. On the ride itself, the visuals have been enhanced along with the special effects. The mummy animatronic at the beginning of the ride has also been updated.

But fans can breathe easy knowing that the original queue videos featuring Brendan Fraser were not removed as part of the refurbishment. And yes, the end of the ride still includes the video of the actor “patiently” waiting for his cup of coffee.   

Universal has not yet announced an official reopening date for Revenge of the Mummy. During technical rehearsals, or a “soft opening,” the attraction will operate intermittently throughout the day—meaning there’s no set time for if or when it will be open.


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