SAN ANTONIO — Migrating monarch butterflies are thriving in San Antonio, and the city is getting recognition from the National Wildlife Federation.

  • San Antonio is being recognized by the NWF as a Monarch Champion City
  • Has been working with the NWF to restore habitats for the butterflies since 2015
  • Conservation group also tag butterflies to monitor migration 

San Antonio is now recognized as a Monarch Champion City for its butterfly conservation efforts.

In 2015, San Antonio was the first city in the country to commit to the NWF's Mayor's Monarch Pledge, and works with partners to create a better habitat for the butterflies. Many acres of native plants and wildflowers have been planted within city parks and along the Mission Reach.

"No matter what people love and want to cherish, this is a thing that everyone has been able to rally around and really support because what an impoverished world we would have if we didn't have these beautiful butterflies to just wonder about and take pictures of," Julia Murphy, Sustainable Projects Manager with the City of San Antonio’s Office of Sustainability said. "They fly so far twice a year, it's pretty amazing and I can't even imagine how they can do it."

Conservation groups tag the little wings so their migration routes can be monitored. Last weekend, the first wave of butterflies made it to Mexico. The monarch butterflies migrate through San Antonio twice a year. They will migrate back in the Spring back to Canada.