SAN ANTONIO -- Yasmine Gonzales was not expecting to receive anything more than school supplies and a few outfits. But her family recieved a surprise with so much more.

The South Side family lost their home and belongings to fire just a week ago.

"Can you imagine just the impact, coming home, because they weren't home when the fire happened," said Randy Escamilla with Southside Independent School District. "They came home they saw fire trucks and there was nothing left."

Philanthropist Kym Rapier gladly helped Gonzales's children, aged 4, 8, and 15.

"Of course, in a very Kym fashion she said absolutely - what do they need? And I said, 'Well, they lost all of their clothes. They lost absolutely everything,'" said Karina Villa, Rapier's spokeswoman. 

And not only is Rapier helping provide for this family, she's battling her own fight with liver cancer. Because of her maintaining her commitment and compassion in the community, this family will now have many new items.

"Like personal care, bedding , clothing, shoes, toys for the younger children in hopes that this will help comfort them help get started get a fresh start," said Cathy Hamilton with San Antonio threads of the items recieved by the family. 

It's all an overwhelming amount of support to this thankful family.

"I'm so overwhelmed and have no words on how grateful I am, but I woke up this morning having a smile, remembering the precious memories made in our home and holding our babies, thanking God we are still here. Life isn't about materials things, it's about making memories with each other. I will definitely never forget all my angels," fire vicitm Yasmine Gonzales said. 

These toys and clothes will not to be taken for granted but to help make their new house a home.