SAN ANTONIO -- It is hot! So of course you need somewhere to go to get a break from his heat.

San Antonio offers cooling centers around the city. 

The locations are community centers, libraries and senior centers. They also have their own hours so make sure to check before you go. 

"During normal business hours they can be used by anybody. If they want to escape from the heat they can go to any of those centers, but if the heat rises to a Level 1 or 2 then they will extend the hours of operations for anyone to go to," said Marty Garcia with the City of San Antonio. 

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To get those extended hours the temperatures has to reach 103 degrees or the heat index value must be 108. Garcia said the City of San Antonio will send out an advisory if the hours are extended.

This week, high temperatures and heat index values will be near advisory criteria. So in the meantime, the centers are open to enjoy during normal business hours.

Here's a map of all the cooling centers in San Antonio.

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