This is a three part series.

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Mental health care has been hard to find in an area where it’s greatly in need.

In a part of San Antonio, Texas off the typical tourist map, a quarter of students live below the poverty line. And yet until recently, there was one social worker for 9,000 local students. Those in need had to go to other neighborhoods.

“There are a number of issues that have been happening with these kids that they have to face and come to school the very next morning -- and they do, “ said Susan Arciniega, the social worker, noting domestic violence and drive-by shootings.

Seeing the need in “South San,” a group of high school kids banded together to open the Care Zone, getting support from local elected officials. There is more than mental health care -- there’s also a food pantry and a place for clothes.

But local funding isn’t reliable; backers instead were seeking help from the federal government. A Care Zone official sought a meeting with the local congressman, Will Hurd. But with Hurd retiring, would he be able to deliver?



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