FORT BLISS — A Fort Bliss soldier, Pvt. Richard Halliday, has been missing for more than 200 days and authorities are still working to find out his whereabouts.  

The 2020 murder of Spc. Vanessa Guillen at Fort Hood shed light on missing soldier cases across the country. 

For a couple hundreds of days, people have been asking the question, “Where is Richard Halliday?” He went missing from Fort Bliss in July, and his family says they do not know where they would be in their search if it was not for cases like Guillen's.

Patricia Halliday sits in her South Carolina home going through a box of her son's clothes. The 21-year-old soldier was last seen on Fort Bliss on July 23, 2020.

"We finally called on day 36 and they said Richard was a 'Deserter' already with a federal warrant out for his arrest," she said. 

Richard Halliday is now considered "Missing." Patricia Halliday believes that might not have changed if it was not for the light shed on missing soldier cases, following the disappearance and murder of Spc. Vanessa Guillen at Fort Hood in 2020.  

"It just makes me shiver thinking, because I don't know if we would have gotten any help," said Patricia Halliday. 

She says her son joined the Army with the best intentions.

Patricia Halliday is concerned about the whereabouts of her son, Pvt. Richard Halliday. (The Halliday Family)

"He earned three Army Achievement Medals in his first 14 months," says Patricia. "It took my husband five years to earn his first."

Patricia questions if her son's disappearance could have something to do with the severe punishment he received from the Army, following an underage drinking incident, and violation of a shelter in place order.

"In El Paso sun, this is 80 degrees plus, full battle rattle, 45 days and have your mouth covered with a mask. They were pulling him out of bed at the end. For what?" says Patricia Halliday. 

Since his disappearance, Patricia says her family has investigated rumor after rumor, and followed up on several tips. They recently enlisted a team of more than 30 people to help search a specific area in Juarez, Mexico with shovels, and picks in search of Richard.

"We received a tip where we could probably find Richard in Juarez. We don't know if it's totally valid, but we're going to search in that area," explains Patricia. 

Lt. Col. Allie Payne, Spokesperson for the 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss says their search is still ongoing. She sent the following information in a statement: 

"Fifteen different law enforcement and Federal agencies have committed supportive roles and resources to aid Fort Bliss, 1st Armored Division, 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command and the Army Criminal Investigation Command in their search for Private Richard Halliday. This search is still ongoing.".

Spectrum News 1 asked Lt. Col. Payne via a Zoom interview about some of the family's concerns. 

"Just recently coordinated through the Department of Sate through the Criminal Investigation Command to pursue a lead in Juarez," says Payne. "Previously we had searched some areas here in December here on the instillation, but right now it's just accepting active leads and pursue those leads as we receive them."

Patricia Halliday says her family will continue to do everything they can to search.

The Halliday family clings to hope in finding, Pvt. Richard Halliday. (The Halliday Family)

"We just feel like, you know, until we know what happened or where he's at, we need to look for him," she said. 

The Army Criminal Investigation Command is offering a $25,000 reward for any credible information leading to Pvt. Halliday’s whereabouts. The Halliday family is offering a $10,000 reward.