AUSTIN, Texas — The Biden administration has promised to make agriculture a cornerstone of its ambitious climate agenda. 

It's looking to farmers to take up methods that could keep planet-warming carbon dioxide locked in the soil and out of the atmosphere. The agriculture sector accounts for roughly 10% of emissions nationwide. 

Texas farmers and ranchers say they're committed to caring for the soil, but they're voicing some concerns about a return to more rules and regulations. 

"I think there are some farming methods that can improve carbon sequestration," said Russell Boening, president of the Texas Farm Bureau. "I think we're already doing some of that when it comes to different types of practices. The main thing is it be voluntary and it be science based." 

Boening said the devil's in the details and Texas farmers and ranchers just want to be part of the conversation. 

"In agriculture, we feel like we can be part of the solution," he said. 

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