AUSTIN, Texas — The first COVID-19 vaccine is almost available for use and 1.4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses are headed to Texas.

But where will those be distributed throughout the state?

The Texas Department of State Health Services has submitted the first week’s allocation of COVID-19 vaccine doses to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The plan is to give out 224,250 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to 109 hospitals in 34 counties as early as the week of December 14, depending on when the vaccine is authorized for use.

The initial vaccine supply is limited, and the first week’s allocation is based on information submitted by vaccine providers when they enrolled. The minimum order for the Pfizer vaccine is 975 doses. More doses will be available for more providers in the following weeks, including one from Moderna once it is authorized.

Below is the full list of Week 1 allocation: 

COVIDVaccineAllocation-Week1 by Spectrum News Texas on Scribd


The allocation strategy was recommended by the expert vaccine allocation panel in line with its guiding principles and healthcare workers definition and approved by DSHS Commissioner John Hellerstedt, MD. The panel put a priority on healthcare workers to protect those caring for COVID-19 patients and preserve the healthcare system’s ability to function.

DSHS has submitted the first version of the Texas COVID-19 vaccination plan to the CDC. The plan provides a framework for the allocation and distribution of COVID-19 vaccine in Texas. The CDC has not yet approved the plan, and it will be updated based on CDC feedback.