DALLAS – As most Texans know, Thanksgiving isn’t complete without turkey, gravy and the Dallas Cowboys. Well this holiday, five-time Super Bowl Champion and Hall of Famer Charles Haley is making sure families in need get those three things.

Haley is best known for his contributions on the field, but his impact off the field is even greater. He’s tackling a new opponent: poverty.

“There’s going to be poor people always. But today, we are going to lift them up. We are going to raise them up,” said Haley.

Haley’s foundation Tackle Tomorrow held its 5th annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, which provided 1,900 meals to families in the Dallas community.

“They’re going to realize we are here today to spread love,” said Haley.

All that love comes in the form of food. Families with students attending Clinton P. Russell Elementary, Paul L. Dunbar Learning Center, H.I. Holland Elementary, and Whitney M. Young Jr. Elementary received meals with traditional Thanksgiving foods items.

Due to COVID-19, the foundation will not distribute these meals directly to families as they’ve done in years past. Instead, the schools’ administrators will do so.

Haley can relate to the families he helps because he’s cut from the same cloth. He had a less fortunate upbringing, but made it his goal to change that narrative.

“I’m not a guy who feels sorry for people because I grew up poor. You have to pull yourself up,” Haley said. “That’s the moral of my story. When I talk to kids, I talk to them about making their own path."

Aside from the great cause, it was clear Haley’s favorite part of the drive was seeing his old teammates again.

“I kind of want to tear up a little bit. That love that they show me on a daily basis is wonderful,” said Haley.

Family, friends and food – there’s a lot to be thankful for this year despite the 2020 circumstances.

“Being thankful is the biggest thing because that’s what Thanksgiving is about: being thankful for your blessings,” said Haley.