CEDAR PARK, Texas –  She’s 6’10”, and 60 percent of that height is in leg length.

Maci Currin, 17, of Cedar Park, Texas, has broken two Guinness World Records. One is for teenager with the longest legs and the other for longest legs for a female.

Maci's left leg, Guinness states, is 53 inches long, and the other is just a hair shorter.

She comes from a tall family: her father was 6’5” tall, and her brother is 6’4”.

The Williamson County teen has taken what could be a difficult situation and turned it into something positive. She has roughly 1.7 million TikTok followers and approximately 50,000 Instagram followers.

“I first noticed I was taller than everyone in preschool. I was introduced to people and I was taller than everyone in my preschool,” Maci said in a video Guinness posted to YouTube. “So I was like, ‘Huh. Something’s different.’”  

“I’ve always been so proud of Maci. She’s always taken to her height very well – just always was never one of those kids that scrunched over or leaned over, tried to hide her height. So I’m very proud of her and excited for her to be recognized for her height and for her beauty,” Maci’s mom, Traci Currin, said.

Of course, Maci’s height does present some problems.

“Being tall in general, like, I hit my head on a lot of stuff. Cars are really difficult,” she said. “Certain cars I can’t even fit into because my legs are too long for it, and other cars I’m just, like, manspreading, just to fit in.”

“If I walk into a regular store, nothing will fit me because they don’t really make clothes in my size – so, especially for, like, pants, leggings and stuff, I have to get them custom made,” she continued.

Worse, Maci has experienced bullying in school.

“I was never bullied for my legs; I was more bullied because I was taller than everyone, and I guess they didn’t know how to process that,” she said. “So, around, like, sophomore year, I just stopped caring what people thought of me, and once I just stopped caring, I wasn’t affected by anything.”

Along with the cons, there are some advantages to being very tall.

“The pros of having long legs is that you don’t really fit to the category of, like, normal – you’re kind of, like, unique. You have something different, and people are drawn to it almost,” Maci said.

Maci hopes she’s inspiring to others.

“I hope that tall women can see that the height is a gift and that you shouldn’t be ashamed that you’re tall; you should really embrace it,” she said.