SAN ANTONIO -- We hear a lot about when, where, and how kids should go back to school this fall, but what about the children that aren't quite ready for classes?

What You Need To Know

  • Program offers free schooling for children under 5 years old

  • One mom immigrated from India and is now a teacher

  • 18-year-old mom now has successful teaching career in her 20s

Enter the Family Services of San Antonio Head Start program--free for qualifying families with kids ranging from newborn to five years old.

No doubt that the program is beneficial for the little ones, but it's also changing the lives of the parents that have taken advantage of the services.

Pournima Lakhashe and her family first came to the U.S. from India in 2013.

"It was tough. It was learning everything from the scratch. From beginning. Not just the one thing," said Lakhashe.

She and her husband enrolled their son in the head start program and he thrived. From his success came Lakhashe’s determination to succeed too. Now, she's a teacher in the program.

"As a toddler teacher, I adore what I do. I show up every day excited to my job because I think the kids, they need us more," said Lakhashe.

This mom isn't the only one who went from parent to teacher. Lorena Gonzales has been involved with Family Service since she was 18 years old as a brand new mom in need of some help.

"I've known these ladies since I was 17, 18 years old and they've helped me from being a homeless 17-year-old to becoming a successful career 24-year old," said Gonzales.

Without free head start and the other assistance Family Service provides, Gonzales is not sure how things would've worked out for her.

"I actually have a successful career, and I can say I have a successful career other than being a single mom and struggling. It helped me. It helped me with my marriage and it helped me with creating a family," said Gonzales.

Two women finding the courage to ask for help, and proving that anyone from any background can change their life.

"We're going to empower individuals. I'm a living example of that. I've flourished. I've literally flourished from this program," said Lakhashe.