TEXAS – Right now you can't gamble in Las Vegas since casinos are still closed, but poker rooms in Texas are back in business with the latest phase of reopening.

What You Need To Know

  • Texas poker rooms are allowed to operate again

  • Rooms focusing on cleanliness

  • Hope to make players comfortable as they return

From cards to poker chips, there is a lot to touch inside a poker room. That’s why dealers in newly reopened Texas card rooms are taking cleanliness seriously during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"You come in make sure all the chips are sanitized. Obviously wearing the mask takes some getting used to, especially for eight to 10 hours a day. And just making sure that you're sanitizing your hands and washing them between every down," said Texas Card House floor manager Tim Hapgood.

Some dealers also double as cashiers and often handle more cash in a week than most folks touch in a year.

The tip jars aren't as full as the used to be because there haven't been as many players lately but Hapgood says they’re prepared for that to change.

"I feel pretty comfortable. The main thing is making sure the players are comfortable so they come back," said Hapgood.

Texas Card House is making masks optional for players at the table but dealers are all required to wear them.

As for Las Vegas, the casinos there plan to reopen starting June 4.