AUSTIN, Texas -- Texans are waiting on checks from the federal government to help amid the coronavirus pandemic. But some who need it the most may be waiting the longest.

People who signed up for direct deposit could get their payments within two weeks. For others, checks will be mailed, which could take a while.

“Unfortunately, this is what bureaucracy looks like,” said Rep. Chip Roy, R-Austin. “I am hopeful we’ll get checks flowing through the loan program through the Small Business Administration today, or Monday/Tuesday. There will be a backlog. There’s no question about it.”

Rep. Roy also said he wants people to get back to work quickly.

“We have to be working towards a date to get the economy up and going,” he said. “We’ve got to work very hard to get testing in place and get the protocols in place so in a matter of a few weeks, hopefully, we can get everything back up and running because our lives are so entwined with having a strong economy.”

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