SAN MARCOS, Texas -- In an effort to cut down on the dependency on single-use plastics, a “refill” shop in San Marcos has opened to promote the zero-waste movement, and this “BYOB” way to buy your products is catching on.

  • Goal of Manor Market Refillery in San Marcos to reduce dependency on single-use plastics
  • One of the few such shops in the United States 
  • Shop holds classes to teach consumers how to create scrubs, soaks, etc. 

Manor Market Refillery was created to bring change to the community. Co-founder Karli Woodgrift grew up with eight siblings in California. She said that early on, her mom instilled this kind of zero-waste lifestyle in them.

"And so we would go to our local refill shop to be able to refill and make an impact and learn about it from a young age. And it's something that I've been passionate about since a young kid because of that," Woodgrift said.

The shop has only been open since since late January, but Woodgrift has already seen good foot traffic, due to the close proximity to downtown.

"Word of mouth has been huge and the support from everyone in this community just spreading awareness and letting people know that there's an affordable option out there to help reuse and recycle," Woodgrift said. "They are really excited to make change and have affordability when it comes to bringing natural wellness and organic products to their home and their family."

How it works is you bring in a container or bottle of any kind, weigh it when it's empty, and then fill it with any of the cleaning products, shampoo and conditioner, bubble bath, etc., in the store.

"You weigh the jar before and then you weigh how much product you put in the jar and then at the front, they'll deduct the weight of the jar from the amount of product," said customer Destiny Delapaz.

That means you are only paying for what's inside while you're able to reuse any container you already have in your home. Manor Market Refillery also welcomes customers to donate recycled bottles or containers for others to purchase at 28 cents apiece.

“Ever since I started coming in here, I've actually found myself recycling more of like the leftover drinking bottles. I'm making less trash waste because they've just motivated me to recycle more. So I feel like I'm at least doing something,” Delapaz said.

Delapaz is a mom of three boys with another baby on the way. She said now more than ever, it’s important to not only save money but to avoid harsh chemicals.

“Just knowing that I'm putting good stuff on my body is actually like my main priority right now. Just to be sure that I'm not putting any poison in my body especially being pregnant right now,” Delapaz said. "Honestly, I don't think there's anything in here that I can't use. I've been able to find everything in here so everything from like your just everyday essentials, they have like face washes, moisturizers, they have body scrubs, toothbrushes. Everything from your oral hygiene to just the basics."

Woodgrift said these type of "BYOB" refill shops are few and far between, with just over a dozen in the United States.

“Moving to San Marcos, Texas, I felt that this was something the community needed and could thrive with, and we could all help benefit our planet and our homes with bringing non-toxic, chemical-free living to our families and our lifestyles,” Woodgrift said.

Manor Market Refillery also holds make-and-take classes to teach customers how to create their own bath bombs, scrubs, soaks and more. To learn more about the refill shop located in downtown San Marcos at 206 W San Antonio St, Suite B, click here.