AUSTIN, Texas -- Learning to style your daughter's hair is no easy task--especially for dads.

  • Holds workshops to help teach fathers
  • Will host another workshop in March

The organization “The Man in Me” held a workshop to teach fathers how to style their daughters' hair.

It's an initiative that dad Christian Sagna supports.

"Sometimes Mommy doesn't have the time to do their hair so we are trying to pick up the slack a little bit," said Sagna.

It’s all about empowering fathers to bond with their mini-mes. Hairstylists teach dads how to do ponytails, braids and other popular styles.

Take Bavu Blakes, for example. He worked hard to follow the step-by-step directions to achieve a perfect ponytail.

“I really appreciate my wife a little more today,” said Blakes.



A dad straightens his daughter's hair while inside a salon at a "The Man in Me" workshop (Spectrum News)


It's a day to remember for both daughters and dads.

"I think she appreciates the motive that I have which is to keep you looking good and be able to take care of you as your father,” said Blakes.

It’s a statement that Sagna can also get behind: “Any time a dad spends time with a daughter is special."

The Man in Me will be hosting their second Daddy and Daughter Hair Care Day in March. Go to to register for the event.




Need hair tips now? Check below.

How to Style a Ponytail:

  1. Spray a detangler on the hair
  2. Brush or comb out the hair
  3. Start at the bottom of the hair and brush to the end, then go higher up the hair and brush to the end
  4. Pull the hair into a ponytail
  5. Hold the hair with one hand. With the other hand, use two fingers to spread the hair tie
  6. Twist the holder and pull the hair through a few times until the hair is secured by the hair tie

How to Straighten Hair:

  1. Separate a lock of hair
  2. Clamp the iron above the roots
  3. Run the iron down the length of the hair
  4. Repeat with all remaining hair.