SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio husband and wife music act is one of 17 groups celebrated as selected winners in the Dolly Parton #JoleneChallenge.

  • Challenge helps promote the new Netflix series, “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings”
  • Thousands of acts from all over the world entered Dolly’s challenge

The reigning Queen of Country took to social media to issue the challenge to help promote the new Netflix series “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings”.

“It was such a pleasant surprise to be contacted by Dolly’s Netflix people,” said Hyperbubble co-founder Jess Decuir.

The electronic pop group caught wind of the #JoleneChallenge in November and quickly recorded a simple do-it-yourself two-camera live version of the iconic country anthem first recorded by Parton in 1973.

Posted on YouTube, the simple video exposed the band to a larger audience.



“In the meantime, we’re getting a ton of hits on that video," said Jess Decuir. "That DIY style video was getting us out to a wider audience.”

“And Netflix and Dolly Parton didn’t market it out as a contest," said husband and bandmate Jeff Decuir. "They said it was a ‘challenge.’ They didn’t say there would be a prize or winners and I think people were encouraged and were like, ‘Hey, there’s no pressure.’”

Thousands of acts from all over the world entered Parton's challenge. Only 17 were chosen for a short compilation video released by Netflix.

The San Antonio couple said they were more than satisfied they made the final cut—even though they didn’t make any money or a get a new record deal.

“I think that’s what’s cool about being a married couple and being in a band. We’ve had crazy adventures,” said Decuir."We’ve played and traveled around Europe and the state and found ourselves in some of the weirdest predicaments, so bring on the next one.”