AUSTIN, Texas -- For many immigrants, the American Dream can be an elusive chase--one filled with anxiety, fear but above all--hope.

  • 15-year-old tech prodigy developed code
  • Tallied up some of the most basic questions immigrants might have

Enter Suguey Carmona, a 15-year-old tech prodigy with a big idea to make the chase a little less elusive.

“This started as a project on the side for summer camp,” said Carmona.

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It’s a program for the smart home device Alexa to answer basic questions about the complex world of immigration.

“You speak to it and ask it things about green cards, immigration, visa cards, licenses, homes. And it’ll reply if it knows the answer and if it doesn’t it’ll direct you to someone who does know,” said Carmona.

Inspired by her mother, Carmona tallied up some of the most basic questions immigrants might have.

“Many people don’t know how to get a state I.D., or what forms are required for different immigration cases,” said her mother, Norma Carmona.

With that information on hand, the work began to program Carmona’s device.

“I want to work on it on my own for now and just keep going with it until I find a point where hopefully, in the very near future I will end up releasing it,” said Carmona.

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For this daughter of Mexican immigrants, the work is more than just about data.

“I’m so proud that she cares so much about our community, even at her age,” said Norma Carmona.

“I came up with this at 14, still developing it at 15, having this opportunity to make--even if it’s small-- and impact into whatever is going on and being able to have that chance to help because a lot of people don’t. I’m grateful that I’m one of the people who can,” said Suguey Carmona.

Carmona says she intends to keep developing the skill before going to Amazon for a full rollout of the software.