SAN ANTONIO -- "This was wrapped with newspaper," said Marcus Lee. "And I have to tell you newspaper can be just as colorful as anything else you can buy."

  • Recycling not limited to paper and plastics
  • Glittering wrapping paper typically not recyclable

Lee is with San Antonio's Solid Waste Management department. He said most embellished or glittery wrapping paper can't be recycled, so try to reuse.

"I got these gift bags last year, and I intend to use them again this year, and I hope whoever I give them to will pass them along for next year," said Lee.

"We're a craft mall," said Lisa Neubauer with Homestead Handcrafts. "We have a total between the two stores of about 395 vendors. They are all small business owners."

And from Texas, all with creative ideas.

"These are just bags that are repurposed," said Neubauer.  "This is a candle.  She makes candles out of these wine bottles and then she's got the oil bottles."

"This is really cool, he uses all horseshoes," said Neubauer. "It's always good to repurpose some of that stuff."

"She repurposed plates and made bird feeders," said Neubauer. "Takes old stuff and repurposes it and just makes it."

But if getting crafty isn't your thing, there's another way.

"When you think of recycling you often think of paper and plastics but recycling doesn't have to be limited to just those items," said Penny Benavidez with Goodwill San Antonio. "Recycling gently used clothing and household items is equally important."

At Goodwill, they're giving everyday items a second chance.

"It doesn't matter where is comes from and it doesn't matter the price of that gift," said Benavidez. "What matters is the thought and intention behind it."