AUSTIN, Texas -- There's a growing, bipartisan group of state lawmakers asking Gov. Greg Abbott to halt the execution of Rodney Reed.

Earlier this week, 13 Democrats and 13 Republicans who are members of the House Criminal Justice Reform Caucus sent the governor a letter. They say more time is needed to examine "compelling" evidence that raises doubt about Reed's guilt. Reed is scheduled to be executed Nov. 20 for the 1996 death of Stacey Stites.

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“We’ve only got less than two weeks before Rodney Reed will be executed. The governor has the ability to step in and look at the evidence and make sure that we get it right,” said Rep. John Bucy, D-Austin. “There’s so much doubt here. I think the caucus is stepping in…because the stakes are too high and with someone’s life on the line, we need to make sure the state doesn’t make a mistake here.”

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Since the letter was sent Tuesday, more state lawmakers have been urging the governor to delay the execution.

In addition, Reed has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to test DNA evidence of the murder weapon and other crime scene evidence.

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