SAN ANTONIO - They weren't voting on the issues, but the pre-K and kindergarten students at Gardendale Elementary School were making their voices heard.

  • Students voted for a charity to support
  • Goal is to get kids thinking about voting early
  • Also reminds parents to go vote

On Monday, students at the school took to the polls to decide what charity they would be raising money for in the spring of 2020.

"I voted for people who have been in the hospital to go somewhere special," said 5-year-old Moxie Guadiano.

Guadiano’s referencing her vote for The Make-A-Wish Foundation, one of three nonprofits that the young children were deciding between. 

The youngsters at Gardendale weren't the only students that made their way to the polls on Monday. 

Students at the four other “Pre-K 4 SA” locations were also taking part, and CEO Sarah Baray says this wasn't just a stunt.

The project is to really show these young kids how important voting can be.

"They don't have to wait to grow up, they can do that at four. Make their community a better place, and we hope that instills a love of San Antonio and a commitment to continue to do good in the community," said Baray.

The timing of the election was no accident, and the reason was two-fold: to get kids excited about voting, while also giving their parents a subtle reminder.

"We do this right before Election Day so that the children can talk with their families about it, and remind their parents that (Tuesday) is Election Day and encourage their parents to go out and vote as well," said Baray.

St. P.J.'s Children’s Home was announced as the winning nonprofit at an election results party in the afternoon. The children will auction off some of their artwork in the spring and donate the proceeds to the organization.