SAN ANTONIO -- It's a long road to get to the Olympics, especially in boxing.

  • San Antonio boxer trying to qualify for Olympics
  • Ravven Brown trains on San Antonio's East Side 
  • Headed to California to qualify in additonal weight class 

Between the training, weigh-ins, and a bunch of qualifying matches, it takes a lot to make the Olympic team.

"I get those thoughts of 'I never thought I'd be here' or it's just something special that I should take advantage of. When I was up late at night in the hotels just looking out the window, I was like 'Man, I'm really in Russia,'" said boxer Ravven Brown.

At this point, for the 28-year-old national champion, every day means business. From training with her coach Jeffrey Mays inside the San Fernando boxing gym on San Antonio's East Side, to long runs on her own, and a very precise diet -- it's all to reach her goals.

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She's already locked in to one weight class to qualify for the Olympic trials. She just got back from Germany and Russia, and in a few days will be heading out again. This time she's going to California to try and qualify in another weight class. After that, she and her coach will have some decisions to make.

"A lot of folks think that once you make Team USA, you automatically qualify to go to the Olympics, but that's not the case. You win the Olympic trials, then you have to go to at least one qualifying tournament to actually qualify to go to the Olympics," said coach Jeffrey Mays.

"It's a cool opportunity but I just try to stay humble about it and be grateful at the same time, but remember that it can be taken away from you at any moment," Brown said.

On November 1 she heads to the Last Chance Qualifier in California. We'll continue to follow her story.