SAN ANTONIO - Jax Burton was inspired by a movie called Soul Surfer-- the premise of which is based on a young girl who lost an arm in a shark attack--and decided he needed to do something.

  • Partner with founder of San Antonio Amputee Foundation
  • Raised $1,400 for the foundation
  • Provided prosthetics for 2 amputees

The 8-year-old was so moved he spent a week purposely keeping his arm behind his back to see what it would be like to live without a limb.

But, he didn't stop there. He decided to forgo birthday gifts, and instead raise money to buy prosthetics for amputees. That's when he got together with Mona Patel, the founder of the San Antonio Amputee Foundation, who was featured on a CNN Heroes show in 2017.

Burton is from Arizona, but that didn't stop him from raising over $1,400 for SAAF. The money will provide two amputees with the gift of mobility, and one with the gift of bathroom safety.

San Antonio native Les Collins was the first beneficiary of Burton's generosity.

"I couldn't imagine a child being so selfless," said Collins, as she fought through tears. "And I just think it's awesome."

Collins and Burton have formed a bond and a friendship, talking through Skype and getting to know each other. She feels she's been given an opportunity and doesn't want to let her young, new friend down.

"I want to make that kid proud. I really do," said Collins.  "I want him to go to school and say, 'Guys, look what I did, look at the difference I made', because he's made such a huge difference in my life."

For more information about SAAF call or text 210-269-6662 or email