SAN ATONIO -- Palomino Park is now open for the 8,000 kids in the surrounding community.

  • New park is fourth one in the area
  • Total of 73 parks in San Antonio
  • Includes slides, rock wall, picnic tables, and grills

The park includes slides, a rock wall and monkey bars. There are also picnic tables and charcoal grills.

The newest park at Palo Alto College is the fourth park in the area out of the total 73 parks across the city. The community park came together thanks to a partnership between San Antonio Sports, the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation department, the San Antonio Area Foundation and Palo Alto College.

The school said the addition of the park supports their mission to empower the community for success.

"We're really excited to continue to have these opportunities to bring our families and our communities onto our campus and by the way you're going to get more information about an education and we're going to set you up, get you enrolled and get you set onto your journey for your career path or your lifelong dreams," said Dr. Robert Garza, with Palo Alto College.

For more information, visit the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department.