SAN ANTONIO -- Some first responders on San Antonio's South Side got a nice surprise for dinner Monday night.

  • Fire station in Alberta, Canada, ordered pizza
  • Accidentally ordered 18 pies in San Antonio
  • Donated to Fire Stations #16 and #25

A mistake by a fire station in Alberta, Canada, led to a pizza delivery in the Alamo City.

The Lessler Slave Regional Fire Service in Alberta meant to feed 60 hungry firefighters during a training session earlier this week. When one of the firefighters started ordering 18 large pies, he made an honest mistake that led to free food for men and women in San Antonio.




"After a brief conversation he realized ‘Oh, I made a colossal mistake. I ordered pizza but it was Alimo’s in Canada,’ and I’m like okay," said the owner of Alamo Pizza & Wings Fred Nunez.

The pizzas meant for fire crews 2,300 miles away in Slave Lake, Canada, ended up being dinner for firefighters at Stations No. 16 and No. 25 on the South Side of San Antonio.

"When they came out, I just explained to them what happened and they were like, ‘Really?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah I got 18 pizzas here,'" said Nunez, who delivered the already made pizzas shortly after the mishap.

Instead of tossing out the pies and losing out on the dough, Nunez gave the first responders in Canada a local hero discount from the $350 bill. In return, the firefighters asked Nunez if he could deliver the pizzas to local firefighters in the area.

"It was an honest mistake," said Nunez. "Often times people don’t own their mistakes. They were going to own it so I’m like ‘Okay, no problem.’"

But this costly mistake may turn into an international friendship. Firefighters from both stations connected online, and now they want to meet in person.



"It’s not too many places where you can just knock on the door and drop off pizzas. I’m sure they’re reaction was like ‘Slave Lake, where the hell is that?’" said Alex Pavcek of Lesser Slave Regional Fire Service. "We ate the cost of 18 pizzas for some friends in San Antonio that we’ve never met before."

Nunez said after the deliveries were made to the fire stations, he took the rest of the pies to a local police substation and even gave a large pizza to utility crews working on the South Side of town.

Since the story was first shared online, a new viral trend has popped up in Canada.

The hashtag #RandomActsofPizza is now circulating around the Alimo Pizza in Canada, where customers are calling in to pay for random deliveries of pizza to people in Slave Lake.