SAN ANTONIO Geared toward family units and not specific individuals, The Neighborhood Place had its grand re-opening on Tuesday and set into motion a concerted effort to bring families together.

  • Community center was initially an elementary school
  • Was moved by Family Service in 2006
  • Building purchased in 2016

"What we're offering is wrap around services for the parents, for the grandparents, for the children, for the teens.  Anyone within a family unit.  To offer them anything for all facets of their lives," said communications manager Francesca Hill.

The community center was initially an elementary school before Family Service moved in back in 2006. The nonprofit officially purchased the building three years ago and have completely renovated it in a way that fits the community’s needs. 

There are classes, counseling, and financial services for adults, an unreal Teen Tech Center that creates an open space learning environment, the Johnny Hernandez Kitchen Campus which allows kids to experiment in the culinary arts, plus there are programs for smaller children including the FAST program.

"It stands for Families and Schools Together, and what that aims to do is bring all members of the family together. It could be your guardians, your grandparents, your parents, your brothers and your sisters," said Hill. "Then it sits aside 20 minutes to an hour a week for you to actually have time as a family."

The grand re-opening featured a ribbon-cutting, food prepared in the Kitchen Campus, and guest speakers, including 8-year old Rosalie Arce, who learned to read with the help of the programs at The Neighborhood Place. 

For more information on programs and opportunities you can visit their website.