SAN ANTONIO - The Texas Veterans Commission is here to help, and on Friday, representatives and speakers were on hand at San Antonio College's Victory Center to assist veterans with filtering through the terrain of military benefits.

  • Workshops involved paperwork and financials
  • Included information on the GI Bill
  • Veterans spoke on their experience

Jessica Quintanilla spent 20 years in the Navy before retiring in 2017 and was happy she attended the workshop.

"Even though I went through all that information and I knew I was going to go back to school and use those benefits. I didn't necessarily know what I needed to know then, that I need to know now," said Quintanilla. "Having this available is very useful to know that you can connect the dots."

While that first part of the workshop focused on the paperwork and the financials — including updates to the GI Bill, and educational opportunities through the Hazelwood Act — the afternoon session was a panel discussion featuring resume writing, and words from veterans who've navigated the terrain of the transition back into civilian life.

"It was hard for me," said Christopher Marmolejo, a student at the University of the Incarnate Word, who spoke on the panel. "We're used to a certain way, a certain method while you're in the military and then coming out, that transition, you kind of get lost because of either the military lingo, the way we do things, how things are provided to military members. It's not that case out here."

More information on a variety of military benefits and subjects can be found by visiting the Texas Veterans Commission website.