SAN ANTONIO – An animal trapping service caught a wild boar weighing 411 pounds at a golf course in San Antonio.

  • Boar weighed more than 400 pounds
  • Caught on a golf course
  • Animal tied-up while it was alive

The Lone Star Trapping team caught the boar this past Thursday at the Gateway Hills Golf Course.


Wyatt Walton, along with other members of the team, tied up the boar while it was still alive and utilized help from a K-9. Walton said that wild boars continue to be a growing problem in the area.

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“The work isn’t done as San Antonio continues to flourish in population. There’s that much more native land having developments built on it. To accommodate the growth, native wildlife are just being pushed and pushed. Then eventually you end up having instances with human interactions, as they are just trying to survive is inevitable,” said Walton.

You can learn more about Lone Star by having a gander at its website.

Golf Course Location: