AUSTIN, Texas -- Money doesn’t grow on trees is the nugget of wisdom that many people were handed as children, but often talks about money ended there.

A new survey by found that one in four U.S. adults with children under the age of 18 said their parents provided no money lessons as a child.

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Spectrum News’ Dr. Nicole Cross offered some money management tips for families with children of all ages.

Elementary School: Debunk myths about money. Money is earned or received as a gift or loan. Use games to help make the connection.

Middle School: Parents can take children shopping with them and explain what things cost. Also, encourage them to save for what they want.

High School: Teach bill-paying skills and about budgeting. Keep children nearby when you pay bills and maybe give them one or two if they have a job.

Ultimately, parents are the role model. They can take advantage of the opportunity to lead by example and set their kids up to win with their money.