AUSTIN, Texas -- President Donald Trump's ongoing trade fight with China is keeping Texas farmers on edge.

“I think a word to describe it is nervous,” said Gary Joiner, a spokesman for the Texas Farm Bureau. “I think they understand the circumstances. They understand the goal of the president and his administration. China has not been a good actor in the international trade for a long time, but it's time for a deal.”

Earlier this month, China announced it was refusing to import American agricultural products in retaliation to tariffs on Chinese goods coming to the U.S. This week, the president backed off a bit saying he'd delay tariffs on certain goods like cell phones and toys and expressed hope that China would commit to some agriculture purchases from America.

Then Thursday, China vowed to counter the latest U.S. tariffs, but called on the United States to meet it halfway on a potential trade deal. Trump says any pact would have to be on America’s terms.

“There are not winners in trade wars, usually only losers,” Joiner said. “And agriculture right now, if you think of it as a poker game, agriculture chips are on the table. There's not many more to play and we're hoping that that is resolved quickly.”

Click the video link above to watch our full interview with Joiner and his take on the impact Trump’s trade war is having on Texas agriculture.