SAN ANTONIO – Resident’s 2012 vote to enhance San Antonio's workforce is paying off, according to a study released by The University of Texas-San Antonio. 

  • Program created by former mayor
  • Studied since 2013
  • Working with other cities

Pre-K 4 SA is a public initiative aimed to help young learners better excel in the classroom. The public voted to fund the program in 2012 when then Mayor Julian Castro pushed for the program.

The study conducted by UTSA shows students enrolled in the program do better than their classmates who didn't receive the early education. Students part of Pre-K 4 SA's first cohort have been monitored and studied by UTSA professors since 2013.

The results from the study show students achieved better scores in reading, math and overall attendance. ​Nearly 300 students were followed during the study, and researchers compared STAAR exam results to their classmates who weren't enrolled in the program. 

The program serves 2,000 students each year.

Now, researchers say other metropolitan cities are looking at how San Antonio is able to extend Pre-K education to those who may typically not be able to afford it. 

"We are working with other cities who are also interested in doing this," said Pre-K for SA CEO Dr. Sarah Baray. "There are other cities that are offering high quality Pre-K programs, but nobody is doing it quite as comprehensively as San Antonio."

Voters will be able to choose whether or not they want to continue funding the workforce program in the 2020 ballots. ​