NATIONWIDE -- Across the country, states are spending money to make sure they get an accurate head count of their residents during the 2020 census, but not in Texas.

State lawmakers failed to pass legislation that would have created a statewide effort aimed at making sure all Texans are counted. They also decided not to spend any money on the efforts.

So, with federal dollars at risk, the state's major cities, business leaders and nonprofits are stepping in to help.

“It would certainly be easier to have some state support,” said Bruce Elfant, the Travis County Tax Assessor and Voter Registrar and member of the city's Complete Count Committee. “But Travis County will make do and we will find the money that we need through private donations, and we’ll have an effective effort because there’s so much at stake.”

The Center for Public Policy Priorities has estimated that an undercount of even one percent could cost the state $300 million in federal funding a year.

Click the video link above to watch our full interview with Elfant and Stephanie Swanson with the League of Women Voters of Texas.