SAN ANTONIO --Three local organizations are teaming up to make sure kids stay healthy.

  • 22% of kids live at or below poverty line
  • Mobile healthcare unit provided free check-ups

UT Health San Antonio, Superior Healthplan, and Prospera Housing Community Services came together to bring the mobile health care unit to the Oak Manor Apartments on Wednesday. 

It was a chance for the residents at the affordable housing site, and others who don't live there, to get free care for their children and teenagers.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." -- Dr. Sandy McDonald, certified pediatric nurse practioner.

It was an opportunity that many families don't get.

Scott Atkinson is the Executive Director of Prospera and points to how there's a stigma around affordable housing, but a place like Oak Manor is really what it's all about. Atkinson said it's about people being understanding.

"The reality is that this property looks like any other apartment complex anywhere in the city, so people can really stop trying to fight places like this from coming into their neighborhoods, or backing up against their property," said Atkinson.

​With roughly 22 percent of kids in San Antonio living at or below the poverty line, a collaboration like this won't solve the problem, but it can bring awareness to others and hopefully spur more support and partnerships to help with the problem.