SAN ANTONIO – A nationwide professional cuddling trend is snuggling its way into the Alamo city.

  • Cuddle parties are offered globally
  • Participants are asked to wear pajamas
  • Clothing is required

"Cuddle party is all about choosing. You want to make it very clear that you get to choose how and with whom you cuddle and that includes the option to not cuddle at all," said certified cuddle instructor Janet Trevino.

This platonic form of group cuddling is giving people an alternative solution for dealing with life's complicated problems. 

"I suffer through depression and various kinds of struggles with basically just feeling isolated and lonely," said one of Trevino's students, Sundeep Arole.

Janet Trevino saw people like Arole and decided to turn her one-on-one professional cuddling expertise into a more intimate group therapy session for anyone to take part in. 

“Cuddle party is a big opportunity for people to learn about consent, boundaries and communication," said Trevino.

Arole says the therapeutic​ sessions are also a good way to learn communication skills and meet new people.

"You also feel that you are something, a human. You’re worthy of being touched, you’re worthy of offering touch," said Arole.

These sessions are offered in groups ranging from eight to 15 people.

Trevino says demand for sessions like this has gone up as more and more people seek out holistic ways to deal with their problems. ​

"I’m really seeing people take these rules, these principles that we teach here and they take it to their life," said Trevino.

To learn more about the group cuddling parties you can visit their site here.

The events are strictly platonic and open to people of all ages. Parents of minors must first give prior consent.