SAN ANTONIO - A new daycare is helping San Antonio parents who are trying to get back on their feet.

  • Facility operated by SAMMinistries
  • Helps struggling families with child care
  • 31 children have been enrolled

Often times, finding child care is one of the most difficult tasks for struggling families, which is why SAMMinistries opened their Transitional Living and Learning Center to help families in need.

"Medicine, transportation, food, clothing, anything you can think of they have helped me and my family, and now they've helped me with the hardest part," said Elizabeth Tennon.

For moms like Tennon, one of the hardest parts about getting back up on your feet is finding childcare. 

"Some of our clients did already have child care somewhere else, but then they would have to get on the bus, take the child to the child care, get on the bus, get to work, get back to the child care facility on time because you get fined if you're late. It's a real hassle. So this opportunity for them to have child care right where they live is a huge blessing for them as well," said Navarra Williams, with SAMMinistries Transitional Living and Learning Center.

Since becoming licensed, 31 children have been enrolled and transportation is also offered to Pre-K 4 SA.

For more information visit the SAMM website.