SAN ANTONIO - A giant mural is coming together at Northwest Vista College as students are working to showcase the right to education and the journey to access it

  • Mural almost finished
  • Students of all ages participating
  • Award-winning artist also helping

The mural is almost finished and the official unveiling is around the corner.

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Since last semester, students in middle school, high school, and college have been working with award-winning artist Adriana M. Garcia to create the mural.

"I think it really instills a sense of ownership whereas historically we've been pushed out of institutions and it's a way of reclaiming our presence." – artist Adriana Garcia.

The mural uses actual images of first-generation college students, students who went back to school later in life, and those whose parents are making sacrifices for their education. The unveiling is scheduled for this September.

The project is funded by an Arts Engagement in American Communities grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.