AUSTIN, Texas -- Numbers show jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math will continue to grow over the next decade.

  • Mom developes STEM Delivery Kit
  • Kit aimed at kids 11-15 to promote STEM learning 

To fill that gap, educators say it's important to introduce kids to STEM concepts at an early age.

Katie Stephens, a mom and educator, developed MakeCrate, a monthly subscription service that delivers a package with hardware parts and instructions.

It challenges kids, ages 11-15, to build and code small devices like robotic cars or alarms.

On top of that, kids are forced to use critical thinking skills to troubleshoot errors and come up with solutions.

Stephens said all of those skills are applicable even if the kids aren't yet interested in becoming engineers or coders.

"If he's gonna be an artist, there's going to be a graphic component that uses software and the kinds of logical, algorithmic thinking that a coder might use in order to produce digital art," Stephens said.

Data from the Education Commission of the States shows median earnings in the STEM field are roughly $20 per hour more than non-STEM jobs.

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