AUSTIN, Texas – Doctors and health advocates will make their case for raising the smoking age to 21 at the Texas State Capitol on Tuesday.

  • Bills propose raising smoking age to 21 in Texas
  • Also proposes stores putting up valid signs
  • Anyone under 30 would have to show ID

Raising the smoking age to 21 has received attention from lawmakers in both the Texas House and Senate, roughly six months after San Antonio raised theirs. The Alamo City is the first and only Texas city that has raised the age.

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Two bills have been filed on the issue: House Bill 749 and Senate Bill 21. Both bills propose the age to buy cigarettes or any other tobacco products should be at least 21 years old.

The bills would also require stores to put up signs with the new age limit. People under the age of 30 would also have to present a valid ID.

Public health advocates, doctors, and students, will join the authors of both bills to argue why lawmakers should raise the age from 18 to 21. Should lawmakers approve either or both bills, Texas will join seven other states that have made the change, including California, Hawaii, and Maine.

One of these bills is already on the move. The House version of the bill will go before the Public Health House Committee on Wednesday.