SAN ANTONIO - When it comes to real estate in San Antonio, experts say it's a sellers market.

• Housing demand in San Antonio isn't slowing down
• Prices are climbing at a steady rate 
• Average home price in San Antonio right now is $260,000

Earlier this week more than 1,000 real estate experts came together to take a look at what the 2019 housing forecast has to offer. It not only helps them realize current trends, but gives them an inside look into what is happening in certain communities.

"We're averaging about 60 people a day, plus or minus,that are either being born or moving into San Antonio," said the 2019 Chairman of the San Antonio Board of Realor Grant Lopez.

Lopez said the demand for housing in the Alamo City isn't slowing down any time soon. The supply is relatively low, and prices are climbing at a steady rate.

"It is a sellers market and we're lucky here in San Antonio that we are a major market in Texas, but we're much more affordable than the other major markets in Texas. So when you compare us to Houston, Austin, Dallas, in San Antonio you get the big city living without the price tag," he said.

The average home price in San Antonio right now is $260,000, an increase of more than $100,000 over the past 10 years.

"But we're in a great market where still 40 percent of our marketplace is underneath $200,000. So even though the rate of pricing has gone up, the affordable housing is still available to the buyers that are searching for it," Lopez said.

Lopez said San Antonio is experiencing a lot of growth all over 1604 and beyond.

"We've seen inside of 1604 a lot of population growth, inside of 410, even in the downtown urban areas you're seeing a lot more people that are moving in as the workforce continues to grow in San Antonio. We're very lucky to have growth on all segments of our city right now," he said.

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