SAN ANTONIO – After 15 years, the Stanley Cup came to San Antonio on Saturday night.

  • Trophy presented to public at AT&T Center
  • Phil Pritchard, "The Keeper of the Cup" since December 1988 presented Cup
  • Rampage won 2-1

The trophy was presented to the public at the AT&T Center as the San Antonio Rampage took on the Texas Stars.

Along with the trophy, Phil Pritchard, “Keeper of the Cup” also interacted with hockey fans, taking pictures and shaking hands.

“We haven’t been here in 15 years so it’s almost a generation of hockey fans. The opportunity to meet them all and to listen to their stories and share their comments and their emotion, it’s a special night here,” Pritchard said.

Pritchard has been looking after the Cup since December 1988 and has entered his 30th year with the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Cup is the oldest trophy competed for by professional athletes in North America.

With all the history in the building, it brought with it an exciting win for the Rampage.

Nolan Stevens scored with 1:16 remaining in overtime to produce a 2-1 win over the Stars.

San Antonio improved to 13-16-1.