SAN ANTONIO -- Bexar County Sheriff’s Office looked to make a difference in the lives of children of the incarcerated on Saturday.

  • "Wonder of the Holidays" event
  • Cornerstone Central Church and San Antonio Toys for Tots
  • Ongoing event for more than 20 years

The Sheriff's Office Jail Programs hosted the "Wonder of the Holidays" event.

The annual gathering at Cornerstone Central Church treated kids to gifts, food and some holiday fun.

It also aimed to bridge a gap between deputies and families with children whose parents may be in jail.

“Sometimes there may a tendency to think the sheriff’s office is bad, cops are bad, they’re the ones that took my mom or my dad away, but to have an event like this we’re able to kind of humanize ourselves a little bit, joke around, share a cheeseburger with them, have a good time. It helps,” Sheriff Javier Salazar said.

San Antonio Toys for Tots helped make gifting 300 children who attended, possible.

“Wonder in the Holidays” has been an ongoing event for more than 20 years.