BEXAR COUNTY – The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Children’s Shelter to help fathers in jail learn parenting skills.

  • Inmates get parenting lessons in jail
  • Teaches nuturing, and loving
  • First jail parenting class

The parenting classes are part of a nurturing program that includes a father boot camp. Class subjects include how dads can be nurturing, and loving without violence. Another class covers the stages of childhood development.

The program also teaches inmates on how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their children.

“What is important is the dad understands what their fatherhood goes through, how their fatherhood evolves. Going from being a young dad all the way to dad of teenagers; all the way to even becoming a grandfather,” said Guillermo Trejo, a Compadre Y Compadre Instructor.

This is the first year the jail introduced the parenting classes. Graduation for the fall class of 2018 is on Tuesday