SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department introduced the two newest members of its SWAT until Wednesday. 

  • City Manger Sheryl Sculley praises accomplishments
  • Physical requirements added in 1996
  • Dominiguez is 6-year veteran

SAPD Chief William McManus, City Manager Sheryl Sculley, and SWAT Lieutenant Henry Trevino came together with the department to welcome Officer Perla Dominiguez and Officer Marsh Davis.

Dominguez is the first female to successfully complete the SWAT tryout process and be selected to the SWAT unit. 

Prior to 1996, the process for SWAT did not have specific physical requirements. In March 1996, the unit had its first female member, Holly Viscorando, who is now a retired detective.

“During my tenure the police chief and I have worked together to increase the number of women that are selected for the San Antonio Police Department, maintained and promoted,” Sculley said.

Sculley also praised a double in percentage of women in the department.  

“I’ve been super joyous of the support and everybody’s willingness to help out wherever they could,” Dominiguez said.

Dominiguez is a six-year veteran and is assigned to the DWI unit. Her specific role with SWAT has not been announced.

“With all due respect to the men in the room, the sum of my experience is that women have to work harder and be better to achieve, and I say achieve because Perla earned this position, outright,” Sculley said.

Dominiguez hopes her accomplishments inspire other women.

“I’d like other females to think, to know, that there really aren’t any barriers. If anything, it’s a mental thing that you can overcome,” Dominiguez said.