SAN ANTONIO — A one-of-a-kind wellness program is helping the homeless in the city.

  • Street 2 Feet is a running program that works the homeless
  • Runners meet three times a week
  • Several members and alumni are participating in Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon

Street 2 Feet is a 5K training program that works with Haven for Hope to promote health and wellness among people living in the streets.

“The transition is pretty significant and powerful,” Elizabeth Rosenblum, co-founder of Street 2 Feet said. “It’s accessible, it’s affordable, you can walk out your door, whether you’re in temporary shelter or permanent shelter.”

Three times a week, runners of all ages train and exercise united as a community.

“Once they start their training program, they start feeling better inside,” Rosenblum said.

This weekend marks a huge milestone for some members and alumni.

“Two of them are doing the full marathon, two of them are doing the half marathon and we have a current participant who has trained for and will be completing and participating in his first half marathon,” Rosenblum said.

“I came to Haven for Hope lost,” Rudy Meza, a six month member of the program, said.

Forty-four-year-old Meza was never a runner. Through word of mouth he discovered and joined the group.

“[In] the past, I regret what I went through. Now, [after] what I’ve been through, I’m able to help others that have been through the same thing,” he said. “Prior to running, I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t have confidence in myself. I didn’t have that inner belief that I gained through running."

Come this Sunday, his goal is to finish his first half Rock ’n’ Roll marathon.

“Later on it became more than just, you know, improving my cardio, improving my health. Later on it became [about] making goals; obtaining my goals. Helping other people that I see struggling like the way I was struggling in the beginning. Now I’m becoming, hopefully, that inspiration that others were to me,” Meza said.