SAN ANTONIO – A group of students gathered in the gym of Briscoe Elementary on Thursday to receive a surprise from the community.

  • "Silver and Black Gives Back" presented a $16,000 check Thursday
  • Money will help fund program to reduce food waste
  • Aim to provide for the community's underserved 

“Silver and Black Gives Back” ran into the gym with mascots The Coyote, T-Bone, and the Spurs Hype Squad to present a $16,000 check.

The check will help students fund programs to reduce food waste and help feed fellow students. Julian, a fifth-grader, came up with the idea after learning how food waste impacts the community.

Students will plan to create a share table for unused, packaged food to be donated to underserved students at no cost. Participating students will also operate a food pantry.

Principal D’Les Herron explained that the school does provide snack packs to students but Julian wanted to do more.

“Julian thought some of our kids were still hungry so he wanted to reach out and find a way to make sure that our families were being fed on a regular basis,” Herron said.

SBGB Coordinator Kim Gower said the “Team Up Challenge” was created to provide resources to students who have identified a need in their community and a way to fix it.

The Spurs-based group plans to give a total of $250,000 to 15 groups within four different local nonprofits and 11 school groups across six different school districts in San Antonio.

“Giving back is important to me because what goes around comes around,” Julian said.